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You know that organization is a fiscal activity, which is carried out on a regular basis to generate profit. However , you must have viewed businessmen spending money on different aspects, which is not going to let them have any earnings straightway.

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For example , you must have seen businessmen maintaining and growing gardens and parks about streets and squares in cities. Some businessmen participate themselves in research intended for improving the quality of products; some provide housing, transport, education and health care to their workers and their households. In some places business people provide free of charge medical service to poor patients. Sometimes they also sponsor games and sports by national and international level.

Did you ever wonder why they actually so? Let us learn more about for what reason businessmen employ themselves in such activities. some. 1 Objectives After studying this lesson, you will be able to: explain the concept of social responsibility of organization; appreciate the need for social responsibility; recognize the responsibility of organization towards different interest teams; explain the idea of social ideals and organization ethics; recognize the causes of environmental pollution; and describe the role of business in preventing and controlling environmental pollution. 4. 2 What is Social Responsibility In your everyday life, you perform a number of actions.

For example , cleaning your teeth, playing your parents, showing respect to elders obeying traffic rules on road etc . Now Organization Studies for what reason do you perform all these activities? It is because you live in a relatives as well as in a society as well as the members of the family as well as the society wish you to perform all of them. They are doing several things for yourself and expect something from you, which you need to do.

The objectives of the relatives or society become your obligations, that you simply need to fulfill. For example , taking good care of your parents or perhaps children, to get road clean by not throwing rubbish on it, etc . There are also obligations towards your self, which you ought to fulfill. For example , taking food timely, sleeping early at night, etc . that keep you match and protects your health. You now fulfill all these obligations by performing certain activities that happen to be called your responsibilities. Any responsibility you have, specifically towards members of the contemporary society with to whom you socialize or for the society generally, are called the social responsibility.

The obligation of any business to protect and serve open public interest is known as social responsibility of organization This is true in case there is business likewise. As we know, just about every business runs within a society. It uses the time of the culture and depend upon which society due to the functioning.

This creates a duty on the part of organization to look after the welfare of society. Thus all the activities of the organization should be so that they will not harm, rather they are going to protect and contribute to the interests of the contemporary society. Social responsibility of business refers to every such tasks and commitments of organization directed on the welfare of society. These kinds of duties can be quite a part of the regimen functions of carrying about business activity or they may be an additional function of performing welfare activity.

Let us have an example. A drug-manufacturing organization undertakes extensive research and so, produces medications which are qualitatively superior. It also provides scholarships or fellowships to the family of their employees to get studying in another country. We find, in both the circumstances, the drug-manufacturing firm is usually carrying out it is social responsibility.

In case of the former, it is a element of its program business function while in the latter case it is just a welfare function. 4. a few Concept of Sociable Responsibility You know that people embark on business to earn profit. However , profit making is not the sole function of business. It performs a number of interpersonal functions, as it is a part of the society. It will take care of individuals who are instrumental in securing it is existence and survival like- the owners, investors, staff, consumers and government particularly and the world and community in general.

So , every organization must add in some way or the other because of their benefit. For example , every organization must ensure an effective rate of return to buyers, provide very good salary, protection and correct working condition to it is employees, make available quality items at affordable price to its consumers, maintain the environment properly and so forth However , although doing so two things need to be observed to view this as sociable responsibility of business. Initial, any such activity is certainly not charity.

It implies that if perhaps any organization donates a lot of amount of money to any hospital or temple or school and college and so forth, it is not being considered as release of sociable responsibility since charity will not imply rewarding responsibility. Second, any such activity should not be so that it is great for somebody and bad for others. Suppose a businessman makes a lot of money by simply smuggling or perhaps by cheating customers, then runs a hospital to treat poor individuals at low prices his actions cannot be socially justified. Cultural responsibility means that a businessman should not whatever it takes harmful to the society in course of his business actions.

Thus, the concept of social responsibility discourages businessmen from using unfair means like black-marketing, hoarding, adulteration, tax forestalling and cheating customers and so forth to earn profit. Rather, it stimulates them to earn profit through judicious administration of the organization, by providing better working and living conditions to its employees, providing better products, following sales-service, etc . to it is customers and simultaneously to manage pollution and conserve natural resources. 4. 4 Why should business end up being socially responsible Social responsibility is a voluntary effort for business to take various steps to satisfy the expectation of the diverse interest teams.

As you have learnt, the interest groups might be owners, shareholders, employees, customers, government and society or perhaps community. However the question develops, why should the organization come forward and be accountable towards these kinds of interest organizations. Let us consider the following factors: i. Open public Image The activities of business towards welfare with the society earn goodwill and reputation pertaining to the business.

The earnings of business also depend upon the public picture of its activities. People prefer to buy products of your company that engages alone in various cultural welfare programs. Again, very good public graphic also attracts honest and competent staff to work with this kind of employers.

Authorities Regulation To avoid authorities regulations business people should discharge their obligations voluntarily. For example , if virtually any business organization pollutes the surroundings it will the natural way come underneath strict federal government regulation, which may ultimately push the firm to close down its business. Instead, the business firm ought to engage on its own in maintaining a pollution free environment. Your survival and Progress -Every organization is a area of the society.

And so for its survival and progress, support from your society is very much essential. Organization utilizes the available resources like power, water, property, roads, and so forth of the contemporary society. So it should be the responsibility of each business to pay a part of its profit pertaining to the wellbeing of the culture. Employee satisfaction Besides getting good salary and working in a normal atmosphere, workers also expect other services like right accommodation, transport, education and training.

The employers should try to fulfill all the expectation from the employees mainly because employee satisfaction is straight related to output and it is also required for the long-term abundance of the enterprise. For example , if perhaps business consumes money in training of the employees, it will have more efficient visitors to work and thus, earn more profit. Buyer Awareness Now-a-days consumers have become very conscious about their rights.

That they protest against the supply of second-rate and damaging products by forming distinct groups. It has made it necessary for the business enterprise to protect the interest of the consumers by providing quality products at most competitive selling price.

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