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During my undergraduate research, I have taken advantage of from the breadth of Acharya Nagarjuna University’s syllabi content material that has provided me a comprehensive exposure to the core parts of Mechanical Architectural and a solid conceptual comprehension of the same, however it is the one year course for National Commence of Information Technology (NIIT), Hyderabad that allowed me to gain good fundamentals info Technology by using a well-structured programs. During the course of study I was encountered with MSDOS, WINDOWS-9x, WINDOWS-XP, UNIX.

I are well versed in programming different languages like C, C++, JAVA and deals like VB (6. 0) and ORACLE.

Restricting to 1 area of study with incredible competition around is not too helpful and the versatility of courses from this Program surprises me and fosters my keenness in signing up for this program I really believe that this program along with my perseverance, hard work, perseverance and devotion will help me overcome most hurdles during my future interests. Rapidly evolving technology carry out necessitates understanding of a particular area, Hence I want to pursue graduate study in “Management Information Sciences.

Throughout my education, I always showed a high level of competency and proficiency within my schooling as well as my below graduation. Having scored exceptional scores during my higher supplementary education, I went on to equip me personally with a great undergraduate degree in Arrangement and Control Engineering, for GNITS, Hyderabad. My career curriculum increased my understanding in themes like C Programming, Data Structures, Control Systems, Nerve organs Networks, Synthetic Instrumentation, Microprocessors, Management Research and Digital Signal Control. It was during this period that my own teachers instilled in me a strong the likelihood of Information Managing and Computer-programming.

During my last year undergraduate course, I actually presented my project on ‘Color Photo Recognition Employing Neural Networks’. My job involved coding a program using MATLAB technology which will solves a pattern recognition problem and has a significance to the registered of Medical Diagnostics, Satellite television Imagery and Remote Realizing. As an undergraduate student I likewise organized a great ISTE scholar chapter seminar, quizzo and mini-project competition. This was made a possibility because of my excellence in connection skills, technical know-how, analytical aptitude and an intelligent prospect.

After my undergraduate education, the strong desire to understand the business method and the requirements of the industry propelled myself to accept a work before chasing graduate research. My employment as a Computer software Engineer at Accenture, a global fortune 500 company, demonstrates my total aptitude.

I came across this to become very good opportunity to gain training and real time work experience in the Information Management site with primary focus on DW/BI ” Info warehousing/ Business intelligence (bi). Having worked for over 2 . 5+ years, now I have attained good know-how on the overall SDLC (Software Development Your life Cycle), indexed a few further skills like Data Modeling techniques, SQL/PLSQL, and experienced with different flavours of UNIX,.

This contact with DW/BI world even fostered my pursuits further in Information Systems Management. Accenture, with its wealthy heritage in consulting and technology offers provided me personally ample in order to gain website specific encounter and to the cabability to provide progressive BI alternatives. My job in DW/BI capability is at the consumer goods and services domain to get Astra Zeneca, a client, the industry leading pharmaceutical drug company.

My project in _____ was based on an onshore ” offshore operating model and it required me to interact closely with the onsite team plus the client group. This allowed me to gain new insight into oracle BI equipment and also resulted in a training period at the onsite (Milan). Time I put in Onsite, in Milan, broadened my eye-sight, had great value enhancements and helped me become a completely rounded DW/BI professional. Doing work in the Information Administration domain enabled me to gain confidence also to be grateful of the themes of MIS and also urged me to shoulder larger responsibilities.

My own competency and leadership expertise were compensated by my personal company which awarded me personally with renowned Young Achievers Award (2008) and also Greatest Team Honor as draw of my personal outstanding overall performance and contribution. I have done well in all my engagements and possess always shipped to the utmost fulfillment of the consumer. I was good in trying out Oracle supplier certifications with 100%.

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