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The novel To Kill a Mockingbird authored by Harper Lee contains handful of aspects regarding Maycomb dark-colored community. This kind of links well with one of the important concept of the the story, racism. Harper Lee explain black community as poor, uneducated and unfairly remedied people, in the end Harper Lee lets us know that black people are much like anyone else in Maycomb and so they deserve to get treated similarly.

To begin, Harper Lee identifies black community as incredibly poor, misleading group of people.

Harper Lee explain the First Purchase African M. At the church as ancient color peeled building, the only chapel in Maycomb with a steeple and bell/ A few graves in the cemetery were noticeable with crumbling tombstone; newer ones had been outlines with brightly coloured glass and broken Coca-Cola bottles. This quotation strongly shows just how poor they are. As well, scout appreciate that most persons in the house of worship are not learned. About several folks in First Purchased read/ there wasnt university even when he was a boy this quotation tells us that bulk black people cannot read, just because they didnt have the chance to master it.

These two evidence imply to us that you have some sort of social injustices in Maycomb.

Secondly, Harper Lee reveals us that black persons cant use the same house of worship as whites. The quote Negroes worshipped in it on Weekends and white man gambled in it on weekdays tells us that White persons not only stop black from their church, they will even wager in the o place where people praise in. This sort of action lets us know that light man overlook not only black but as well their god, even though it may be the same one as your egg whites. All gentleman are equal, one of the most fundamental belief of Christian is being neglected by them.

Last but not least, Black individuals view on Ben Robinsons case is very well shown. Instead of discriminating him, they gather money to get Toms wife and his three children. Toms wife is definitely again deal with racial misjudgment, Helens finding it hard to get operate these days/ if everybody in Maycomb knows what type of folks the Ewells will be theyd be glad to hire Helen light people hated Ewells but they thought it could be better only to be on Ewells side, just because he is a white person like themselves and Ben is a dark-colored man, Tom Robinson is manufactured into a Mockingbird by these people.

To sum up, Harper Lee shows black community as the indegent, who under no circumstances had a opportunity to learn, and also freedom of religion. They are discriminated by whites, just because in the different skin area colour and appearance. In the end, this rotten head leads to unrightful death of Tom Johnson. The very clear message we get from here is that it is wrong to discriminate others just because they are totally different from us. Harper Lee is definitely telling all of us that its a sin to kill a mockingbird.

Source: Book ‘To Eliminate a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee


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