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Seaside, India

Talasari Beach is known as a beach in the Baleswar district of Orissa, India. This lies for the north-eastern seacoast of India. The term Talasari is derived from the two phrases Tala (meaning Palm) and Sari/Sarani (meaning row). The palm trees adjacent the place offers such a name to it. The phrase “Tala” also means rhythm, which is reflected inside the sea dunes lapping up against the shore. Talasari is one of the fewer exploited Orissa beaches.

The Talasari beach is usually not as usually visited by people because the other beaches of Orissa. The Talasari beach front is well connected simply by roads to the other cities of Orissa. It is situated at a distance of 88 kms from the city of Balasore and 4 kilometers from Chandaneswar. The beach of Talasari may also be visited through the popular beach at Digha in the express of Western Bengal. The beach lies by a short distance of almost eight kilometers coming from Digha. The waters in the sea by Talasari beach are not turbulent but relaxed and calm. Children appreciate gathering covers of different shapes and forms that lay in abundance inside the beach.

The beach for Talasari can be popularly visited by the residents during the saturdays and sundays. Tourists appear here to spend a tranquil and tranquil vacation. Watching sunrise and sunset from a gleaming stretch of white sand is actually a rewarding experience. Another feature of Talsari that fascinates tourists is its backwaters, which one should cross to get to the sea.

The relaxed ambiance, exceptional receding oceans and exotic weather month in month out make it a well-known destination for excursion seekers and others looking for isolation.


The peaceful villages and tall palms creates a stimulating experience on the tourists. The cashew woods sway inside the breeze welcoming the tourists. In Feb, red and orange plants appear on the plants. The cashew nucleus hangs beyond the fruit, which is also edible.

One will see only crushed stone dunes on the beach ” no heckling hotelier, simply no screaming hawker, no negotiating tourist. A large handful of little hotels and a Panthasala run by the Orissa federal government. The beach is quite flat as well as the waves will be small and lively. The estuary of the river Subarnarekha Riv can be seen in the space. The crests of the surf glow while darkness descends. The full celestial body overhead rose little by little the night i was there and the beach converted a dreamscape.

There’s a concrete structure on the seaside that serves as a seafood market in the morning. The get from the marine is stacked on the floor prior to being categorized and auctioned. The anglers return later in the day and take a seat on the beach repairing their nets. Some of them as well take the tourists to the river mouth. Early mornings outstanding for a wander. The beach is fairly hard and therefore, easy to walk on.

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