the first kashmir war1947 1948

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The first war among India and Pakistan started out very often the independence in October 1947 and resulted in December 1948 with the mediation of ESTE, effected on January initial, 1949. This is also known as 1st Kashmir conflict, fought for Kashmir jump between both countries.

Importance of KashmirKashmir was Muslim majority location, strategically located among India and Pakistan. It had been an simply way to access Chinas border which could make a difference for upcoming relations and trade. So , Pakistan was not in prefer to compromise on KashmirKashmiri Muslims bulk areas had been led by simply Hindu Dogra. Dogra Maharaja was unable to decide which state to join, as the Uk held that princely states would have to yes to India or Pakistan according to location and demographics.

Hostilities Collection out-Oct 1947Hostilities began in October when a tribal rebellion started in Poonch area in the south-west of Kashmir. Upon October twenty, Pak armed service entered the scene in support of tribal pushes to capture Uri, Jhangar, Rajuara and naushera. Pakistans armed service aim was going to capture Srinagar capital of Kashmir. Upon 22 August, a Lashkar of tribals also moved into in Kashmir valley from Abbottabad. Tribe and Pak forces halted Kashmiri battalion at Muzaffarabad by October 23. In October dua puluh enam, they surrounded the Srinagar.

All of the activities of Pak makes were much less successful since Pakistani pushes met fierce resistance in Uri until fall. Following your fall of Uri, Pak and tribe forces advanced to Srinagar. Pak military services left about backed pushes to hold on Uri. Involvement Of IndiaWhen Pak makes successfully captured and encircled Srinagar, Maharaja seemed to include beaten and asked India for support. India agreed instantly and laid 1 condition that Kashmir is a part of India. Both Maharaja and Excellent Minister of Kashmir decided and agreed upon the device of incorporation on Oct 26, 1947.

Of india forces air-lifted troops for the procedure to halt the tribunal incursion in Kashmir on 27 October. Upon Indian intervention, Quaid-e-Azam ordered to enter the army in Kashmir. Basic Gracy (acting Commander in Chief of Pak army) did not comply with the order. It was a case of treason.

Discipline Marshal Auchinleck of the joint command of India and Pakistan military, threatened Quaid that work of attack over Kashmir would programmed withdraw most British officers serving in Pakistan military. This commandement tended Pakistan deprive of its command structure because that time typically officers in Pakistan military services were Uk.

India saw a chance and used 161st infantry brigade and halted the advance of tribal causes. In Nov 1947, the 161st brigade using large armoured vehicles counter-attacked and broke through defences and advanced toward Srinagar. They will initially repulse Pakistani backed-forces and return power to Srinagar along with capturing Baramula and Uri. Furthermore, they were not looking forward to fighting inside the mountains. Indians were not experienced high altitude and also were not prepared for chilly. Whereas, Pakistani forces were experienced in these situations and Pak military services backed-forces were able to push back the enemy from your border place.


On March 1948, India mounted another offensive in Jammu and Kashmir. India raised a few brigades in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistans army one hundred and first brigade was rushed to halt Indian forces along Uri and Muzaffarabad. By 04 1948, Pak army inside the north Muzaffarabad and Kohala and in the south Bhimber-Mirpur and Poonch and further advanced the front with all the 7th split to halt Of india offensive in Chakothi. 9(F) division was also advanced to defend Muzaffarabad front and Tithwal. Following then 7th division relocated from Chakothi to the the southern part of front. Simply by June, Pak army had 5 brigades together with para-military corps having 12 Of india brigades that were supported with armour, airforce and cannon

August 18, 1948On the first wedding anniversary of Pakistan, General hq sent faithful greetings to Quaid-e-Azam. That point, Quaid-e-Azam was at Quetta, fighting against deadly affliction and died upon 11 Sept 1948.

Operation VenusIn December, Pak army done an operation Operation Venus to cut off the primary supply of the enemy for Beri Pattan bridge area. On Dec 14, Pak army demolished the area made up of ammunition, petrol and materials. Pakistan makes isolated American indian forces in this area because they were surprised.


At midnight of December 30, India called for a ceasefire because at this point India experienced no choice. Pakistan accepted ceasefire as it was announced with the mediation of EL. Ceasefire afflicted on very first January 1949. Pakistan obtained 3rd of Kashmir which usually later called Azad Kashmir. However , Pakistan army halted the American indian pride and prevented Kashmir from absolutely acceding to India.

Post War

During skirmishes, Pak army had finished its conformative stage and continued to offer attention to raise army power. Pakistan builds an Ordnance factory to make arms and ammunition for Wah.

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