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Teen Pregnancy

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The data given by CDC implies that 229, 715 children were born of mothers among 15 and 19 years in 2015. The characters represent a birth charge of 22. a few for every a thousand women in the age bracket mentioned (CDC, 2017). The many road children, busted families, school dropouts and abortions are because there is a high involvement of adolescents in sexual activities that often cause pregnancies. Expert pressure has become cited in lots of forums to become a major contributor to young pregnancy. Other reasons include absence of parents, glamorizing pregnancy of teenagers by media shops and movies, drinking among teens, sexual maltreatment, rape, poverty and large lack of know-how.

Source: https://www.livestrong.com/article/97113-preventing-teenage-pregnancy/

The goal of this details handout is always to educate young girls between the ages of 15 and nineteen years on the risks of becoming pregnant when still a youngster, and the actual need to do to avoid being found in net. The target market is largely children in the top primary and the ones in extra schools. There is also a great need to interact with women in these places.

What leads to pregnancy?

Peer Pressure

Teenagers experience a whole lot of pressure to make good friends and to circulation with their colleagues. On a large number of occasions, such teenagers let their close friends to influence their sexual related decisions including having sex. Usually, they are influenced not knowing the consequences of such decisions (CDC, 2017). Sex engagement by young adults is a method to express all their stance for life. It is just a way of becoming sophisticated and cool among teenage peers. However , the act brings about pregnancy that may be unplanned. Based on the Kaiser family members foundation, more than 29% of teens who also become pregnant declared that they had sexual out of peer pressure. It further points out that 33% of the pregnant teenage girls registered their particular concerns that they can were not ready or well prepared for a intimate partner relationships but went on to have sex any way as a result of fear of denial by their peers(Langham, 2015)..

Resource: https://www.123rf.com/photo_49256385_underage-victim-of-abuse-pregnant-young-teen-expecting-baby-but-happy-with-care-about-her.html

Absent Parents

Young adults stand a greater chance of pregnancy if they will receive zero guidance from their parents. The busy and demanding way of living has brought on many father and mother to fail to supply the necessary support with their teenage kids so that they can produce informed decisions on issues relating to sex (Langham, 2015). They are less than time to do it. When a teen doesnt identify with the parents enough to make them feel comfortable to talk about their problems regarding love-making or just since the parent provides either banned the subject of often absent, they are going to rely on tips from their friends. The friends may well not provide sincere or truthful information.

Glamorization of Being pregnant

Movies and the media contribute to the high level of teen pregnancy through glamorizing this. When movies portray motherhood of teenagers as some thing desirable, it is a norm for them. They will, consequently

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