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Souls can easily incarnate inoto bodies with DNA attentive to and compatible with

that soul. Since souls are shaped simply by experiences and thoughts, several soul

types will reincarnate in to different human body types of the same species. As humans

their persona is inspired and constrained by the qualities of their


Spiritual progression is limited by ones natural, genetic, and physical

composition. For example, a dog simply cannot grow psychologically as we perform because their very own

minds are biologically incapable of perceiving the same range of emotions. Puppies

also do not experience equal self sacrifice and devotion to truth that some of us

humans get pleasure from, and we will be therefore better than them. Lastly, since every souls

once out from the physical physique and profound into the levels of the remainder, are

essentially the same being, you cannot find any place intended for evolution in the spiritual

realm, most evolution occurs on the physical plane of existence.

This is why planet earth is so valued by the forces that always be. It is the best

training, evolving, and learning reasons for positive souls with all the privilege

of physical presence. In this region of the solar-system, without an the planet

there is absolutely no evolution, and whatever pain a soul is in proceeds indefinitely

until that soul can easily reincarnate to evolve away of its pain.

Because spirits evolve by earthly issues, new types of spirits can only develop

by simply modification in the older kinds over a lot of years of evolution. Thus, in the event

a sudden jump occured in the genetic sophistication of the species, a spiritual

void will be left while the older souls can be outdated and incompatible with

the newly produced species. The modern species would be born because still births unless

some method to obtain soul had been available that is suitable together with the DNA of the


A persons race was a result of major genetic architectural by a coalition of

several strange species/races several hundred thousand years back, each group

placing its own rotate on the basic human template. Most of the aliens themselves

were products of undisturbed evolution upon their homeworlds. Since human

advancement was catalyzed, the souls of our old primate ancestors could not

reincarnate in the newer advanced bodies. Thus existed a spiritual void which

was right away filled with a fresh source. Great deal of thought was extraterrestrials who developed

human beings, these aliens must have got some explanation to cash in on the task.

In fact , many alien physiques were also primitive to allow further spiritual

development, meaning their very own potential for experiencing new things were hampered by

the constraints of their DNA, as a sightless man is fixed from admiring art by simply

the constraints of his nonexistent eyesight. Therefore , a fresh creature was

devised with astounding potential to knowledge and gain wisdom, made out of

older genetic share already that is known at the time. This creature kinds was homo

sapiens, a new human body for the older alien souls, a fresh vehicle intended for the fed up

rider, a larger weed for a grow with populated roots. But just as there were

varied peculiar species and races, you will discover different individual races since each alien

types created its very own version with the basic human.

Man races will be each predisposed to incarnations of historic races of aliens, and

the culture and prejudices of ancient extraterrestrials show up in the archetypes of modern

cultures, mainly because todays human beings are these kinds of ancient extraterrestrials. Pure events of human beings

can easily contain only the souls of the alien race who designed them, yet due to

cross-racial propagation over earlier generations, the dilution of distinction between

competitions has triggered a good sized minority of each and every race having the capability

of bearing the souls of any of several peculiar races. Although the majority of a

competition has a tendency to sponsor a specific strange type, it can be no longer a total

rules of character.

One of the most glaring characteristic of the modern abduction materials is the not enough black

people. Despite having Barney Slope as very, his better half Betty is usually white. This

implies a choice for white wines by greys and their leaders. Also, a few whites

speak of enjoyable encounters with aliens, although other white wines recount horrific

tales by the same group. This could only be true if there exist sub-races within

the white race, as a result of modifications upon the original whites by an

alien faction foreign to the initial. Since abductees are reincarnations of

different unfamiliar groups, if perhaps ones abductors are associated with an alien contest hostile to this

of his alien lineage, then simply he is without a doubt likely to be remedied with hatred.

But just as abductors may despise the foundation of their abductees souls, techniques

we as humans have contempt, envy, or perhaps hatred of other events, though it can be

depths of the mind in our case and can be conquer by social conditioning.

Antisemitism and racism generally are social effects of the racial remembrances.

Its not all aspect of cultures is determined by primitive archetypes burried deep

in our thoughts, but the unique characteristics of your culture will be flavored with all the

memories and persuits of our old alien selves.

While the course of mankind on the physical plane typically remains within our hands

the heart world is a definite impact in our affairs. Sub-physical

para-ethereal agencies who are unable to or select not to reincarnate attempt to change

the futures to their benefit. Generally, the estelar and physical planes are

separated in such a way that entities from one aircraft cannot effect those of

the other. However , because of Gods need for perpetuating the vacillation

between good and evil (such that the challenge between them offers birth to new

experience and growth of awareness, God) the interface among astral and

physical weakens cyclically. During 1 part of the routine, evil faramineux entities

have easy access to this universe, and during the other half, great entities

influence humanity. Under the right circumstances, involving places and times

where the earths EM grid fluctuates toward the benefit of faramineux entities, they will

can easily exist even more solidly and visibly to us, also to the level of fixing

themselves to a new host human body and living as human. These spots exist normally

and are often regarded as haunted or sacred by the locals. Most of these

entitities are simply non-incarnate alien souls who slowly move the influence the

actions of their earthbound naive siblings. The significance of this lies in

that there are a large number of alien types, and not almost all have the same goal.

There are laissez-faire noninterventionists in physical and ethereal form, the

physical ones of which live extraterrestrially. These are smart and do not

interfere with what happens on earth, yet allow us to be taught by the

consequences of the own actions. If we hit ourselves up, we will know next time

not to do that again (hopefully).

Benefits are pro-God, pro-Life, the actual right palm path, and respect the

Kosmic Wheel of Life. These aliens serve to banish negative opinions in all its forms

via stasis to indifference to needless struggling and ignorance. Powerful since

these types of beings could be, they are not God, since God on its own is real

potentiality, totally gregario, and without self-awareness. But since it is

an undeniable fact that not almost all beings have reached equal levels of evolution, we know that there

must be least and best of progressed beings available, the highest that

fit this category.

Ascended Masters can be of any of the strange races, besides they are highly

progressed, much more therefore than ordinary alien groups of whom that they once were normal

members, and exist primarily on the spirit aircraft. Their electricity is extreme

whether or not they are good or evil, and is compared to this sort of bigshots while Jesus

Budha, Lucifer, and Satan. Occasionally, when ever grid circumstances are right, they

can incarnate physically to directly influence mankind.

In the Superb Pyramid, unsuspecting illuminati starts sometimes undergo a rite

where they are singularly placed in the Kings sarcophagus and left there to

meditate for three times. Upon conclusion, the start is supposed to always be

lighted, having been stimulated and awoken by the pyramid energies. Small

do he find out before going into that the pyramid and its shafts function as a spirit

transporter to and from the Orion groupe, and half way through his

relaxation his person is vacated and replaced by a draconian walk-in. Stupid

illuminati fool!

Parasitic organisms are here to exploit our natural, religious, and biological resources.

They are responsible for the old gold souterrain of Africa, some of each of our modern

animal escarre, and much of organized religious beliefs. Parasites have got striven to

show up as gods to guy (some of whom they will created while slave staff in the puits

regarded today being a sub-category of the negro race) so that man would worship them

sacrifice pets for them, and pray to them, in effect sending their particular astral

energy to these parasites, who in turn suckle off this earthly estelar energy to

maintain their physical solidity on this planet, for most parasites are

extradimensional pets on lent time and energy. The Bible alerts man not really

to worship idols, but to hope to the heart (Jesus) within, because praying to an

idol means sending the psychic energy outward, prepared to be intercepted by any kind of

business with the wicked intentions to work with it for its own selfish survival

(Christianity is made up of contradictory transactions within, so that it can be assuredly

mentioned that outside alterations by the Church, several alien parti have

played a part in shaping this faith, some of whom include the Niburuans and

Elohim teams. Nibiruans produced man intended for slave labor and collection of faramineux

strength, while the additional group disadvantaged the freedom of man to stop

civilization from advancing to a scientific level over and above the capability of

humans to handle conscientiously. And yet, you will find other parti, of whom Jesus

was a great Ascended Master, which implement the Law of Freewill and permit man to acquire

every one of the knowledge he wants so long as he asks for it, represented by the Serpent

tempting Adam to consume from the Tree of Knowledge). Organized religious beliefs is concentrated

around idols, sculptures, crucifixes, and also other things exterior, and is consequently

inherently a scam unless one will pay attention to the message from the bible, but not

the messenger called Church.

Negatives are those heading against the tyre of existence, who make an effort to cheat the principles

with the universe, who go on disrupting, destroying and sinning with no karmic

retribution. They try to end up being their own gods, masters that belongs to them universes, and

will be total ego trips.

Of all strange types, they are the most risky. They have, for the past

thousands of years, composed an elaborate decide to overthrow the influence of

The almighty over their particular lives and this world such that they may secret without any

limitation. In keep together with the theme presented in Guide for the modern Paradigm

at the time if the oscillation shall shift from negative to positive, the

framework of this community is in a vulnerable point out, and problems will utilize

spirit energy they will reap in the immediate deaths of vast amounts of humans (killed

simply by some method, unknown to the author) to blast the boundary between this

dimension and that where the spirits reside. This will likely trigger a series reaction

of turmoil so comprehensive in its agitation that the disorderly mess once known as

reality will be malleable and moldable enough to recompose into an order

designed by the negatives through their collective psychic focus and reveal

desire. This recomposed reality could have no Laws and regulations of Freewill or Karma, and the

negatives may exploit devoid of consequence. The negatives subordinates include

the next group of aliens, the Resurrectionists.

Last, Resurrectionists are right here to fully restore their old masters, whose

spirits are still trapped in earths astral field. Back when the alien parti

made mankind, these kinds of aliens were either certainly not present or excluded through the

plan. Resurrectionists would not have the technology to create an entirely new

race, and so they can only minorly modify humans by possibly interbreeding with them

or together with the low tech they had. The story in the Serpents encounter with

Eve is a fable concerning this event. Today, royal blue-bloods are descendents of the

resurrectionists attempts, and appear since normal light folk, apart from their GENETICS is

slightly customized to allow métamorphose by their peculiar masters. Most blue-bloods

are unaware of all their lineage aside from a knack for management and sociopathic

inclinations. The Illuminati are blue-bloods who have awakened to their

identities, and use all their illumination and positions of power to guide mankind

toward the goals of resurrectionists, specifically a New Community Order. This is what the

eye of lucifer on top of the unfinished pyramid around the United States seal off stands for.

But because resurrectionist souls are so antagónico with typical human systems

an entirely new competition must be created to allow mass incarnation and existence

upon earth. This is what unfamiliar abductions are typical about. The resurrectionist

masters happen to be known along as infernals, the leader while Lucifer, and the

physical ones because reptoids or sauroids, and their worker automatons as greys.

Greys do the abducting, and the others follows.

The abduction program, in that case, is a more sophisticated plan done by the brokers of

Lucifer, in collaboration together with the Illuminati and NWO political figures, to

genetically industrial engineer a crossbreed race whose bodies allows only infernal souls

to reincarnate on earththe rest of mankind will be erradicated or retained for

slave labor. The existence of Lucifer is rational, for we know that not all

entities happen to be equally produced, meaning there must be a maximum and poorest of

entities, and Lucifer simply by definition is the most powerful with the negatives.

So those who were omitted from the plan originally are looking for payback

and think they can obtain it if they are doing it in time.

It has all recently been allowed to arise because within the past two thousands of years

earths NA grid has been around the bad half of the oscillation, allowing for evil

entities to infiltrate our reality and screw with the history. But it really is all

about to modify, however , as well as the cycle alterations back to the good half someplace

around 2012 (perhaps December 21). If the resurrectionists do not succeed by

then, in the event they fail to root themselves physically within our world, then all can be lost

for them.

To leading it away, they require a number of their infernal masters to be born since

humans to take the reigns of power as antichrists. Nevertheless because all their

reincarnations are untimely, if not awkward, it will require much hard work to fit an

infernal into a body, like squeezing a fat bum into limited jeans.

Therefore , the infusion of human body with infernal heart and soul requires essential

astrology alignment, timing, and location on the planet (such the astral and

physical planes happen to be closest at that time and time), so there exists a definite

deadline intended for the resurrectionists and NWO to complete their desired goals. It is why the

NWO must eliminate level of resistance now instead of wait an additional twenty years intended for 100%

of humankind to turn to unaware sheep rather than the present 97% majority

because later on will be too late.

In the event that everything moves according to plan, the world will be single by the man

incarnate infernal professionals into a great NWO to fight the return of positives and

beat them, and normal individuals will be erased by disease or

systematic mass murder, and finally, the entire world will be repopulated by cross

aliens manufactured through the alien abduction program.

Of course , this may not be the way things will happen. Following uniting the earth for a

while, the antichrist will figuratively always be stabbed in the back by simply rebellious

nations, just like the (former) usa, and one other war will certainly break

out among pro-NWO and anti-NWO nations around the world. After significant loss of existence, at the brink

of defeat to get America, the cycle could have oscillated to a point the place that the

benefits enter each of our dimension and swoop down, defeating the resurrectionists and

mailing the infernals back to the astral aircraft. There is a Rules of

Non-Interference normally preventing extraterrestrials from intervening in anything, but

this Legislation has already been busted by the negatives and resurrectionists, so the

positives must come in to equalize the problem. Then, positive entities will certainly

guideline for a period of time until the circuit changes again.

A whole lot for Occams razor.

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