The American Dream, as seen in Of Mice And Men Essay

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The American dream is the opinion that whoever you happen to be, not matter how rich or poor you happen to be, that in the event you work hard enough, you will achieve what you want to achieve. This is very unlike Steinbeck’s view of the “American dream. ” Steinbeck uses his novel to disillusion his viewers from the “Dream. ” Through his character types, and their desires, he implies that this “American Dream” might bring wish to different people, but then the “Dream” is verified only to be a fantasy. Every character’s dream, by the end with the book is definitely destroyed. George and Lennie begin in the book using a dream, to obtain their own property.

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George desires to be independent, he wants freedom and security, and Lennie wants to “tend the rabbits. ” George repeats this aspire to Lennie, and in addition they use it to comfort the other person through hard times. “Guys like all of us, that work around the ranches, will be the loneliest men in the world. They will got zero family. That they don’t belong no place … With us that ain’t like this. We got another … mainly because I got one to look after me, and you acquired me to look after you. ” This delivers them a hope that better issues will come.

That if they keep working hard enough, one day they are going to own their particular plot of land. The “Dream” claims that personal success could be gained by simply hard work and personal sacrifice, and George and Lennie are prepared to do that. Right at the end of the book, Lennie can be dead; he never had a chance to fulfil his ambition, to tend the rabbits. And George, understanding Lennie would definitely be murdered, gave up his own possibility at pleasure. “I think I knowed we’d hardly ever do her.

He usta like to learn about it so much I got to thinking could be we would. ” He supported out of the package, it was often George and Lennie’s fantasy, they would get it done together. Devoid of Lennie, there was clearly no dream to George. Candies also discovers hope inside the “American Desire. ” He can old, and definitely will soon be sacked via his work. He feels he will little by little die in the gutter, which usually he desperately wants to prevent, so if he hears about George and Lennie’s program, he wants to join in.

This dream offers him the courage to stand up to Curley’s wife, which will he would not really normally carry out, because the lady could get him fired. “You think we’ll hit the highway an’ look for one other lousy two-bit job such as this. You don’t know that we have our own farm to go to, an’ our own home. We ain’t got to stay here. ” Curly wants to buy into the farm for any security for the future, and company.

He really wants to replace his lost doggie with the friendship of George and Lennie. Candy’s desire is also cruelly shattered, when he finds out about Lennie. He resigns himself to the simple fact he is going to die inside the gutter, and he meows. Curley’s wife’s dream was to be an actress, she wants to end up being loved and admired. “Coulda been in the films, an’ got them nice clothes – all of them great clothes that they wear.

An’ I coulda sat in them big hotels, an’ had pitchers took of me. ” Curley’s wife wants to get away from Curley, she doesn’t like him. This dream means an escape from charlie. Curley’s partner also drops dead before she gets a chance to produce her present from god. Crooks, initially, denies the American Dream.

He is black and therefore would not have several rights while white males, his social status can be even listed below women. “Cause I’m dark. They play cards inside, but My spouse and i can’t because I’m dark-colored. They say We stink. ” The attraction of the fantasy is too good, and he wants to sign up for it. He knows that however hard this individual tries, he will never receive anywhere, thus when he listens to about the dream, this individual wants to participate it.

He wants to be an equal, and talk to persons freely, since friends. Following his conflict with Curley’s wife, he decides there is no fantasy. Wherever he will probably go, he may always discover prejudice, so he might too stay in the farm he is at now. This book demonstrates the American Dream is definitely fake. The folks that locate hope, will be exploited by way of a own dreams.

They are by no means able to satisfy them regardless if they do work harder. That the “American dream” is actually a ploy in the rich persons in American, to obtain their workers to work harder, and never give up on them.

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