The Leadership Qualities of Odysseus and Shakleton Essay

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There are many characteristics that make a person a true leader. Odysseus is actually a fictional persona from a fantasy impressive poem called “The Odyssey. ” He traveled on a twenty year journey with many men along with him but in the end all of his men perished; Odysseus could be classified being a leader and a leading man along with a person named Ernest Shackleton. Shackleton is a real existence man who also went on an expedition to get to Antarctica inside the years 1914 to 1916.

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He as well had a whole crew with him to get the journey and he saved every one of them. When comparing management of these two men the three most important traits to take into consideration will be confidence, equilibrium between responsibilities and sociable relationships, and the ability to stay on track. Every good leader requirements some volume of self confidence, but an excessive amount of it isn’t always an excellent. Both Odysseus and Shackelton are comfortable in themselves and their abilities however in different ways.

Odysseus contains an excessive amount of confidence this individual comes away completely pompous and cocky whereas Shackelton has just enough confidence that his mankind has faith in him. Odysseus has hubris which means extreme pride or perhaps arrogance. If this wasn’t in this he would have gotten him self out of so many conditions and preserved all of his men. His cockiness acquired him linked to situations that he thought he can control but he genuinely couldn’t.

Such as Odysseus wanted to fight off a Cyclopes so when he found one this individual knew he had to go following it, and when he performed many of his men got killed. On the other hand Shackelton didn’t always think confident per se and his journey but he never allow his guys become aware of that. He constantly came off extremely comfortable and always viewed comfortable. He had to do this because he knew a new major influence on his crews mind set so he had sufficient confidence in him fantastic men.

As a way you can see self-confidence is extremely important in the role of being a leading man. Maintaining relationships with your crew is crucial to completing a journey efficiently. I believe that Shackelton a new great relationship with his crew, while Odysseus’s relationship together with his crew wasn’t that superb. Shackelton’s guys had faith in him and his abilities they also trustworthy and listened to him. Nevertheless Odysseus’s crew did not usually listen to him and comply with orders which is not a good indication when you’re on a journey.

In one picture of “The Odyssey”, Odysseus received a bag of winds from the wind the almighty Aeolus to steer Odysseus great crew residence. So Odysseus tells his men tend not to open the bag, but when he’s sleeping they open the carrier and it makes all their journey residence longer. This can have been prevented if Odysseus had a better relationship along with his crew and if they actually listened to each other. On the contrary Shackelton likes you his guys he even insisted that they socialize after dinner like a tonic to get declining comfort. Furthermore a fair balance between task and interpersonal relations is vital to being a leading man.

The ability to keep track during an adventure is yet another key aspect in being a head. I would say that both Odysseus and Shackelton have problems with keeping on track. They are all let the group ramble or perhaps stay away track an excessive amount of. Too begin Odysseus’s voyage to go back home took him a total of twenty complete years because he got and so side tracked.

Shackelton likewise became sidetracked that he wasn’t actually able to reach his main goal. Even though this individual didn’t reach his main goal he continue to saved all his guys from fatality which is essential whereas most of Odysseus’s guys perished. Being on track is extremely important, without this you will turn into unsuccessful in the journey house. So as you can observe if you’re comparing two leaders just like Odysseus and Shackelton the three most important factors to look at are confidence, stability between jobs and social relationships, and ability to stay on track.

Both these frontrunners achieve greatly in some of such categories nevertheless also shortage in other folks. Even though both equally leaders fought in their trip home with men succumbing and not having the capacity to reach their goal, both equally Odysseus and Shackelton great leaders in addition to different ways.

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