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The Leopold Locked Room is actually a short secret story authored by Edward D. Hoch. Leopold, a law enforcement captain is found in a shut down locked room with his killed ex-wife. Outcomes show that Leopold’s gun fired the fatal taken, but Leopold and viewers know he’s not the killer. Every bit of the history is cleverly though away. If you enjoy examining short mystery stories this is certainly a great story to read. Chief Leopold and Monica were once hitched. When Monica wanted to move pursuit her career and her dreams in California as a great actress, Leopold refused to go with her as they just started for the police force great future seemed bright.

Monica kept him. Right after arriving in California and having zero luck together with the acting job she had a nervous tenderize. A year later Leopold had received his divorce papers. For the past 15 years Monica got wanted revenge on Leopold since your woman thought it was his fault for a lot of her earlier mistakes.

The wedding came into existence the perfect opportunity to get her revenge. Monica’s niece Vicki Nelson was getting married to Ted Moore. Ted Moore is a legal professional, which after would make an effort to help Chief Leopold. Captain Leopold was invited for the wedding but he don’t want to go extended because he knew Monica can be there.

This individual didn’t need Monica at the wedding, and so he informed his colleague Lieutenant Fletcher about the storyplot of him and his ex-wife Monica. At the end of their discussion Captain Leopold asks Fletcher to wait outside in the police officer car. So he comes with an excuses and didn’t need to stay long at the marriage. At Sunset Farms where wedding occured, Captain Leopold runs into a few of Monica’s family members. One being Monica’s stage brother Immy Fontaine. That they talk for some time then Leopold is brought to Dr . Felix Thursby, Monica’s new partner.

Later in the story you find out that Dr . Felic Thursby real term is Max Thompson. During the wedding reception, Monica desired to talk to Leopold. So that they entered a big unfurnished sq . room where they could talk independently. Monica locked the doors to their rear. The guests heard a go. When Lieutenant Fletcher entered the room he seen Monica on the floor and this she had been shot which Captain Leopold had his gun in the hand. Seeing that Captain Leopold was the simply other person in the room with Monica, Fletcher accused him of firing his ex-wife.

He sniffed the firearm and found that someone acquired recently terminated it. Having been shocked. Chief Leopold stated that this individual did not open fire the gun and would not kill Monica. Lieutenant Fletcher was puzzled because it was only Chief Leopold and Monica in the room. Lieutenant Fletcher took Captain Leopold towards the police place and Monica went in an ambulance. The girl later died on the way to the hospital. The investigators continued their investigation to learn what happened and who did it, if Chief Leopold would not shoot his ex-wife Monica then who also did and why.

Even though, the events from this story may not happen in real life because of the technology we certainly have. Monica would have definitely got caught approach before the stopping of the story. Everything from the characters, storyline, setting plus the style of the story worked well together. The character types worked well mainly because everyone tides together. The characters were well thought out and believable because at being married your sure to see somebody you don’t need especially if it’s your ex-wife’s family.

The plot is very good and cleverly planned and maybe even could have happen if everyone believed a doctor was on eyesight. Maybe the ambulance more than likely stay in your back of the car because is actually to tiny. However , it is suspenseful and interesting. Inside the plot Chief Leopold and Monica had a heated debate about the past. Monica informed Captain Leopold, “Your likely to know what That i knew of. Bars and cells and disgrace. The going to understand the despair I felt all those years ago.  She said just before the lady was shot.

Moments later on the doors were unlocked from the outside and Doctor Thursby rushed to Monica’s side, becoming the only doctor in the room everyone believed him when he explained she was nearly dead. He later on went inside the ambulance with her on the way to the hospital. He rode in the back of the ambulance with her alone mainly because everybody believed he was a licensed doctor. The climax was very interesting. The settings is essential to the account because the crime is determined in a locked, huge unfurnished square space.

Which makes you keep guessing who may of done the criminal offenses, when it was only Monica and Chief Leopold in the locked room. The setting is in my opinion the best part. Nevertheless , the locked room is definitely not the sole setting inside the story, there are many others nonetheless it was the most interesting 1. The style of the story is easy to see because it’s told with a third standpoint and kinda threw the eyes of Captain Leopold although the narrator does not may actually know more after that Captain Leopold does regarding whats taking place. It’s very interesting and memorable.

In conclusion, I really appreciated reading this brief mystery tale because almost everything was skillfully thought out and it all taken together perfectly. Every detail was written correctly and brought the story jointly. I found this kind of story interesting because of the locked room setting. I wanted to hold reading to discover who committed the offense. I thought the fact that Leopold locked room was exciting and suspenseful. But it works well like a story and I would definitely recommend it. If you enjoy reading short mystery reports, this is an excellent story to read.

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