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We survive what is thought to be one of the most gorgeous planets and is also the only entire world in the galaxy capable of supporting your life. Everything about earth was designed perfectly to make certain we would flourish. The sun has roughly five billion years left. The planet itself has been around for approximately four billion dollars, but your life only arrived in that last half-billion. Had been alive mainly because our planet was sturdy enough to last until the first signs of life arose. So how can a planet, and so perfectly created for us, residence such not perfect human beings able of taking another folks life?

During World War II regarding 65 million people died, during the Holocaust 6 mil, 10 individuals were killed within a shooting at Santa Ideología High School, and 3 people lost all their lives throughout the Boston Marathon Bombing. Many of these were avoidable mass murderings that originate from the proven fact that life is a totem rod and you can place yourself towards the top. The perception of superiority is something which comes along with human nature. It’s all-natural to want to set yourself over others in order to validate and affirm your self, but we need to step back and appear at exactly where our supremacy takes control, and when all of us start positioning our lives in higher consider than others.

There is nothing more serious than the act of trimming someones life away from them, stripping all of them of their own potential and the regarding what they made known, but it continue to be happen every single day. Mass shootings have unfortunately become a troubling trend. These shootings happen in public places and receive large numbers of media coverage, ranging from news areas, movies made out of the events, and authors writing novels about the happenings, ultimately giving the perception that these shootings are becoming the newest normal. Mass murderings, generally, are nothing fresh and have been occurring for a long time, apart from they now are most often happening more often. One of the first examples of getting rid of mass numbers of people is the Coliseum, this hosted gladiatorial fights intended for 300 years and thousands of people died in the pits. Lucky, we have as had laws and regulations put into place to shield people, yet often they don’t cause enough of a threat to someone arranging a murder and get broken so quickly that it is difficult to find a solution prior to another taking pictures takes place. Young individuals are frequently under the influence of gun violence, which range from video games to the media, plus the idea that life is a game that may be restarted when you die. This constant direct exposure makes for persons thinking that murders are just a usual part of life. But its not. It’s certainly not fair pertaining to an innocent person to be caught inside the crossfire, and it’s certainly not good for an individual to have the directly to take an individual elses your life dictating whether or not they live or die.

There has been improvement trying to help to make our state and community a less dangerous place however it is definately not what issues could be just like. Schools and other public places have problems with funding when planning to increase security measures, and the media contains a problem in presenting material that may be susceptible to audiences. Unfortunately, the reality is that the tragic theme of dominance is not going away any time soon or with no some drastic changes. At the same time, more people will still focus on the right way to stay safe and pray to god that they don’t find themselves in the wrong place at the incorrect time.

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