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The weeping girl portrays a woman who is in deep give up hope. Throughout the portrait, we are able to see quite a lot of sharpened edges and contrasting colours. The woman’s black piercing eyes are wide-opened, her tears running down in clear drops, and the girl with biting a handkerchief which usually she grips tightly in her hands. Placed on the best of her head is actually a black, yellow-colored and crimson hat with a blue flower on top. Her shattered image reminds us nearly of a busted mirror and her distressed face means that we can00 see the genuine emotions this lady is definitely feeling.

The painting appears resemble a manifestation that we make reference to today since “break down. “

With his unusual and expressive style, Picasso surely could express complex emotions such as grief, attaque, terror, and so forth that we while viewers can easily relate to.

Through the entire painting weeping woman, there are lines and shapes that viewers eyes are instantly attract to. This is due to they stand above the rest of the portrait.

Almost all of the lines will be thick with a heavy format making over emotions clear. The thicker lines emphasise her emotions of the girl very well many tell the viewers that Picasso was very sure in the way he has decorated this picture. The women’s facial expressions are emphasised by the superb contrast between the large designs and smaller sized shapes. As an example the hair which can be outlined with thick daring, wavy lines, that instantly gives the portrait texture.


In this particular painting, the colours are incredibly bold and bright, which can be strange because so many people might associate dark, dull shades like greys and blacks with agony and grief, but Picasso used these kinds of certain colours for a good reason. In this way Picasso makes us feel that the woman was happy and confident right up until the moment when the lady received a lot of tragic reports. It was this kind of moment that Picasso skillfully captured in the painting.


Picasso was obviously a well-known artist that applied the style cubism in his art. Through the use of this kind of style Picasso studied the essential geometry of objects and the idea of finding the same object from many different viewpoints as well.


What I love concerning this painting is the fact that that this individual uses numerous shapes to show the uncooked emotions of the weeping woman. With the use of the bright colours Picasso provides mange for capturing the exact moment right before the woman hears the tragic information. The only thing that We dislike from this painting is definitely the jaw plus the hand possessing the handkerchief. I think it is really hard for making out that they will be actually hands and a jaw since the shades and lines may quite complement.



Clean strokes

The painting “Water Lilies” by simply Claude Monet was decorated with largely unblended, visible brush stroke of comparatively the same size. Only a couple of those unfortunate brushstrokes from this painting will be thinner. This makes us arrive to believe that Monet utilized only a restricted variety of remember to brush sizes; on the other hand these brushstrokes do have got varying extent and guidelines of movement.


The colours portrayed with this painting express perfectly to each element in this. The primary colours are the main colours which make up the portrait but Monet has added additional colours including pink. The colour blue instantly shows that there is drinking water in the art work and the make use of the colour green makes it easier to see the difference between the water lilies and the leaves otherwise this painting will just look like water with colourful dobs of fresh paint on the area. He colours pink and red in the flowers, tells me that there is a pond with interesting blossoms to look at and that one should certainly not expect only one kind of all of them. Monet coated his personal interpretation of what this individual saw not what many people would of expected in a portrait.


Through this painting, Monet portrays a big pond filled with many significant clumps of colourful water lilies positioned on the surface of the fish-pond. The fish pond itself can be surrounded by a small amount of green vegetation. The clear blue sky and clouds are often seen through the trees tend to be also shown by the ponds water. The tall solide, reeds and other vegetation are also reflected.

Monet instead of in the earliest of paintings, where he used a regular composition while using bridge, and a point of view when the viewer will be standing at the edge of the fish-pond looking out for the surface in the water, he just painted the waterlilies and their expression in the normal water. He did not paint a horizon; so that it would seem the viewer will be almost floating over the fish pond, seeing the sky shown on the water plus the depths in the water.


Monet was an impressionist artist, that means he records the image of the object since someone would view it if that they just captured a view of it, as a result o me personally this portrait is partial realistic. Even though having a number of the key features the actual picture in actual life, there are still a few elements in the painting that look somewhat unrealistic, including the flowers. The flowers although you are able to kind of inform they are flowers, still may resemble the realistic form of a normal normal water lily; the same goes to the reflection of the vegetation in the normal water.


After i look at this portrait my eyes will be drawn straight away to the beautiful drinking water lilies on the surface with the water. Their very own bright vibrant colours genuinely stand out well against the green of the normal water. I found it clever how he de fleste to incorporate the reflection in the sky and clouds in the painting as well. The one thing My spouse and i don’t like relating to this painting inside the types of brush cerebral vascular accidents he used. I believe this will make it harder to interpret the painting since the shades are unevenly blended.



Starry night time by Van gogh is one of the most well-known paintings in the current modern society. Though being the only piece of work vehicle Gogh sold throughout his artistic career starry evening has risen up to the peak of artistic successes.


The vital thing I detect when I look at starry nighttime is the gorgeous night atmosphere, which uses up most of the background. Its whirling, curving lines seem to be whooshing across the backdrop in this mild, wavy action and then seem to meet with the centre to create this spiral-like formation. 12 bright yellow stars that look like huge fireballs illuminate this entire piece and create an outstanding contrast with all the cool green, fluid night time sky that is certainly made up of various shades of the two blue and grey. There is also a huge crescent celestial body overhead in the top right-hand corner that is made up of a more fruit, brighter light from the remaining stars.

In the centre ground you will find small properties which are discreetly painted inside the bottom correct corner of the painting and blend in quite nicely with the forest and mountains. The framework of the town is out-dated and ordinary. No lumination shines in the village, offering the audience the impression that everyone there is probably asleep.

Finally in the foreground there is a significant cypress rose bush. Made up of darker greens and blacks it offers us a sensation of an even greater perception of size and solitude. The curving lines reveal that of the sky and thus give the painting a sense of depth.

Use of coloring

Van Gogh uses a number of white and yellows in the night skies, creating a get out of hand effect which will draws focus on the heavens itself. Straight lines for example the church tower and cypress tree carefully break up the structure with drawing away from dominant night time sky.

Van gogh also uses many shades of blues and greens with small variations of mint to show the detailed reflection of the moon. The houses placed in the centre of the painting are tiny obstructs or equally yellows a melon and vegetables with small brush strokes of crimson mainly inside the church. The dominance of blue in Starry Night time is balanced by the lemon of the night time sky elements.

Van Gogh’s choices of coloring create a great contrast nevertheless also associated with painting seem to be in action.

Brush strokes

The brush cerebral vascular accidents in starry night happen to be one of a kind. The thick remember to brush strokes be noticeable, and it is quite possible that vehicle Gogh’s repeated attacks further more dramatized his brush job. Despite this there exists consistency in the technique which adds even more interesting depth and emotion as well as feel to the painting.


Constellation-filled night is a superb example of a Post-Impressionist portrait. As the although made up of recognisable shapes and moments these pictures don’t appear exactly how they can in true to life.


The initial thing that holds my interest when I look at this painting may be the night sky. It takes in my attention straight away. The swirling and curling lines in the portrait seem to almost lead the eyes surrounding the painting, helping you to get a crystal clear idea of what the painting is definitely portraying. The other factor I see is the huge cypress bush. This bush is different to all the other elements of the painting, having its dark vegetables and blacks it makes an excellent compare to the fabulous night skies in the background. There exists nothing with this painting that I really hate about this painting, there is nothing at all that should be added or taken away as every thing kind of will go together supporting the piece of art to flow.


Weeping Woman

Drinking water Lilies,_Water_Lilies.html

Starry night time


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