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The shameful to learn that India as an emerging industry or power has rampant growth of kid labour as well. Tourism in India is usually booming…. growing…. scaling fresh heights…country can be earning well at foreign exchange yet there is dark side to this tale.

As per the Worldwide Labour Enterprise, 13 , 000, 000 children are employed in tourism sector in India which is major violation of law and illegal. Legislation has restricted child time in all varieties in India, but the issue is out of control in travel and leisure sector in India which is growing when as the tourism market. Children working in tourism sector are out in the wide open for sexual exploitation and abuse and therefore are mostly due to being in touch with strangers.

Almost all of the children work in hotels, eating places, dhabbas since helpers, bell boy, cleaners, waiters, baggage attendant, laundry cleaners and car cleansing agents. Many children are found providing newspapers, blossoms and other treats at most traditional monuments visited by tourist all over India. Most of the children employed in the tourism sector in India are listed below 12years. The law says that children below 14 must not be employed in virtually any form. The children are exposed to intimate abuse and human trafficking.

Many cases of human trafficking is reported in India and its up to labour and police department to completely eradicate this issue permanently as its sad to see children being subjected to extreme hardship. The officials figure claims the determine at 13 million yet NGOs they will refuse to take this figure as the saying goes that the real figure can be as high because 60 , 000, 000 and scenario can go beyond control if the federal government does not do something about this issue. The federal government notification granted in August 5, 1993 has prohibited from using children in slaughter house/abattoirs, printing, travel sector, cashew nut your own and finalizing and soldering.

The law claims that children below age of 14 years should not be employed however the law requires proper implementations. The day we certainly have such laws and regulations implemented properly with company hand and violators reprimanded with their licenses cancelled completely then just we can admit tourism market in India is growing in real soul and not on the blood of kids who slog it out to earn all their daily breads. The tourists should also continue to keep a watch about such concern as they should steer clear of any check out in India – organization or satisfaction with people and places whom employ kids.

This will help the main cause of eradicating the child labour coming from India completely.

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