Turning Point – Religious Point of View Essay

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The phrase “turning point” provides a lot of connotations but privately, for me, it is just a moment that caused myself to realize what has always been before me. Level may also mean a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, specifically one with beneficial results. Recently, one event became the turning point of my life and my morals.

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Last Thursday, our course, II-St. Therese watched the film “The Encounter”. That movie designated a crucial moment in my life.

It helped me realize that Jesus will truly always be there to me anytime I would like Him to get and all I can do can be ask Him and speak with Him, He will always be there to listen to my pleas and He can always be there to reply to my phone calls. I learned that I should trust in Him as they has some points planned personally and He will never whatever it takes to intentionally place me in harm’s way. The film offers quelled my doubts and answered my personal questions. That made me understand that God has long been there to steer and safeguard me. The movie also demonstrated me that God can be quite a father-figure around me.

He will always be there for me through thick and thin and He will under no circumstances desert myself. It demonstrates even throughout the darkest times of my life, He was, is and will always be there to shed mild upon the darkness of my path. It also revealed me that God would not do anything with no reason. My spouse and i learned that Goodness is Take pleasure in and His activities show like to others too.

It showed me that God is all-knowing, all-seeing and all-hearing. He often looks more than me day and night every single day of my life. I need to learn to rely upon Him totally and doubtlessly because He adores me so. I must have confidence in Him and honour him in any way which i can to exhibit my honor for almost everything He has been doing for me.

I must be solid in my beliefs and in my own beliefs and i also must not be very easily swayed by temptations and evil that plagues the falling community daily. I must learn to become strong accompanied by all the challenges and sufferings of this world because I know that Our god will be there with me every step of the way. I need to learn to demand Him much more trouble and despair and believe that He will probably be generally there to help and save me personally every time. Merely recently, right now there had been situations that induced a rift between each of our section. There had been unresolved issues that brought misunderstandings and division to the section.

We certainly have had each of our fair share of disagreements. My spouse and i felt not comfortable knowing that right now there had been such issues in the section. This caused me great anxiety and sadness. Another turning point happened when I got the chance to speak with everyone and settled all our misunderstandings. It feels as if a huge pounds had been elevated off my personal chest after our talk.

I’m delighted that it occurred because it changed the circulation of warring and the alterations it helped bring has started changing my secondary school days for the best. Through these kinds of experiences, I’ve become a better person who may take on the globe with The almighty, my family, and my friends by my part. I’ve grown a lot and hopefully I will continue to expand and prosper to become a person everyone (God, my family and my friends) could be pleased with The “turning points” I’ve had in my life have helped shape myself into the person I am now.

I’ve learned a lot from them and i also vow to hold these learnings with me and use them because my guide in my efforts to become the best person I can be and I will always remember that God can there be for me any moment of any day, waiting for me to contact him, trust Him and believe in Him. I know that He’s around somewhere observing over me and adoring me.

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