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Some facets of Transcendentalism could be applied in today’s society, although some have lost their very own relevance due to the changes of social and economic conditions since the moments of Thoreau. The Transcendentalists’ objective was to create a Utopia in the united states. They supported a society without guidelines in which you can be free to do whatever you wanted given that it did not infringe around the freedom or perhaps well-being of others. The concept of what exactly is Utopia differs from the others for every person.

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In today’s densely filled countries seems like almost impossible to do anything that does not affect or infringe upon someone else.

The Transcendentalists also supported the Jeffersonian philosophy that every generation will need to only be worried about itself as well as own wellbeing, which could assure a great foundation for the next generation. I think this would not work in present society because there are many things we could do to assist our technology but will make later years pay an amount.

A good example of this would be featuring jobs for any strip-mining task to help the present generation’s economic climate, while it ruins the environment for later generations. Transcendentalist beliefs of adding on to the previous generations’ efforts will not work in the event each generation, in helping by itself, is wrecking the Earth.

The Transcendentalists likewise believed that one should live simply, with few materials possessions. To clarify this point, we consider simply how much the large volume of material possessions is promoting over the years. The moment cave males roamed the planet earth, an elaborate materials possession might have been a real wood club decorated with stones, or a particularly beautiful loincloth. In the 1800s, an automobile was obviously a possession of great material value. Thoreau had a small house, 3 chair, a workplace, 2 meets, and a few literature. He was in a position to sustain himself by growing his individual food in the surrounding area. The concept of what is considered necessary for a comfortable existence has changed significantly since Thoreau’s time.

Although all he needed was obviously a roof over his brain and a patch of land as well as seeds, most people in today’s world must have a “job and get paid to get shelter and food, strength, transportation, and other contemporary necessities. In Thoreau’s period there were fewer people, thus if somebody wanted to, they will could head out and are in the backwoods. Today, in the event that someonewanted to reside the wilderness in a negotiable climate, it could be impossible because of the sheer amount of city sprawl and the laws that are in place to protect the backwoods.

As I analyzed the multiple points of Transcendentalism, I found that even in Thoreau’s time, it would be easy for someone to practice some of the areas of Transcendentalism, whilst putting other aspects in to practice will be nearly impossible. I think living in the actual Transcendentalist way of life is nor feasible neither very helpful. The true meaning of what Thoreau discovered while living at Walden Pond was to simplify your daily life and agree to your place in the world. Here are some phrases from the person himself:

“Rather than love, than cash, than popularity, give me fact. I sitting at a table in which were rich food and wine by the bucket load, and obsequious attendance, nevertheless sincerity and truth weren’t; and I disappeared hungry in the inhospitable panel. 

“However mean your life is, meet this and live it; tend not to shun this and call it tough names. It is not necessarily so bad since you are. It looks weakest when you are richest. The fault-finder will find faults even in paradise. Like your life, poor as it is. 


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