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Courage is not the absence of fear, but the will to overcome that. Jamie Ford’s novel Hotel on the Part of Bitter and Nice shows this kind of characteristic as being a central element of its story. Henry is a Chinese youngster who is living during World War ll, a time of racial lack of knowledge. His dad is a traditional and stern Chinese person who is faithful to his homeland. Holly meets a Japanese woman, Keiko, whom he makes an unbreakable connection with. Unfortunately, his father disapproves because of her ethnicity and she is moved to a relocation camp. But Henry wont leave until their flame is rekindled. Jamie Ford shows us that courage is not understood to be saving the world, but performing what is proper even when confronted with adversity. Courage is shown and famous in the novel when Henry hides Keiko’s family photos for her, Henry’s mom privately delivers Keiko’s letters to Henry, and Henry appointments Keiko at the relocation camp.

Holly shows valor progressively through the book. One of the ways he shows courage can be when he conceals Keiko’s family photographs on her. Keiko asks Henry to keep her relatives photos therefore they would not have to copy. She wants to15325 retrieve all of them after the warfare and Henry would not permit her straight down. He usually takes the photographs and covers them in a private area in his room, wanting he would become the only one who have knows where they are. Although one day this individual arrives home to see his parents in the living place with the relatives photos on the table. Henry realized the consequences if perhaps his father and mother found out even before Keiko handed him the photos. His parents are dismayed of his actions and Henry’s romance and trust with his father is terminated. But these are only the consequences if perhaps his father and mother found out. His father says on page 183, “If the FBI get this here- in our home, the Chinese American home- they will arrest all of us. Take anything. They can throw us in jail and fine all of us for five thousand dollars for helping the enemy. inch Even with the additional consequences, Holly is unfazed and continues on his pilgrimage of temerity. His belief in proper rights, even if it affects his family, under no circumstances strays from its course.

Henrys mother also reveals how courage is a key theme inside the novel. Because of Keiko’s contest, her and her friends and family are sent away to an internment camp. But Henry and Keiko continue to connect to each other throughout the letters they write to each other. When Keiko’s letters appear, Henry’s mom takes the letters make them below his cushion instead of exposing his key. Although she is a dedicated partner, she is as well an intrepid mother. In the novel, it says, “But somehow Henry’s mother, selecting the mail initial, found the letter every week and tucked it below his cushion. She performed her far better to be well-mannered wife, to honor her husband’s wishes, but to be aware of her kid as well”(211. ) Henry’s mom knew the great outcomes if Henrys father found out about her assisting hand. Her husband has a deep hate for all Western because of what they did to you to his people back in his homeland. He considers all Japan to be just as evil since the ones that demolished his local land. But she continues on with out hesitation to provide her subversive acts of justice. Your woman never wants an merit or even acceptance, she just does what is right.

Another way Henry shows how courage is definitely portrayed over the novel is usually when Keiko is moved again to another relocation camp in Florida, Henry wants to say a suitable goodbye and discover Keiko one last time. Even in the wake of his father’s stroke and disappointment, Holly decides that its best to go see Keiko. He is aware how angry and disappointed his daddy would be in the event he discovers. Also, his father is in an unstable state so Henry is the now the head the family. He says, ” Yet Idaho, that’s too far, as well dangerousIf some thing happened to me, who would look after my mom. With my dad bedridden, Im or her the man now”(211). It is his job to deal with the as well as maybe possibly provide for all of them now. Holly doesn’t actually know where he would stay or how he would end up being treated by simply people of Idaho. The level of racism and exactly how he would survive is also unsure. But his courage excels the light throughout the darkness. This individual knows what is best, yet he is also aware what is proper.

Martin Luther Full Jr. once said, ” There comes a time when ever one must take a position that is none safe, nor politic, nor popular, nevertheless he must take it mainly because conscience tells him it really is right. inch Courage is definitely strength when confronted with fear. Most of us possess courage, but not a lot of us actually put it to use. After all, it can be much easier to start a challenge than it is to finish one, and people who have bravery tend to observe things through. Jamie Kia is requesting us channel the inner “Henry” within us and to look for justice in difficult conditions. Will you agree to the call?

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