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My own Summer Internships Project at KPMG, Bangalore was the one that truly enriched my sensible knowledge and allowed me personally to apply my personal theory principles into a business workplace. I used to be given an opportunity to learn about the complexities of HUMAN RESOURCES and HR Analytics first hand. The overall experience was a very good 1 and I was very pleased to many being given this kind of opportunity. I would really prefer to express my gratitude to them all mainly because without them, probably none of this might have been possible.

Firstly, I would like to thank our chairman, Prof. J. Philip for making a curriculum so extensive and including the DRINK in this. The SIP gave all of us a glance on the corporate community and prepared all of us for what was coming the way at a later date, post completion of course.

I would like to thank my own partner in KPMG, Mister. T. H. Subramanian for choosing me for the internship as a pupil of XIME and supplying me a chance to work for this kind of a esteemed corporation. I might also like to thank my own HR Manager, Mr. Mohit Bhatia, in making my onboarding process and so smooth.

I would similar to to thank my Manager, Mrs. Shraddha Roshan to get guiding me through every single step of my project and for bringing out me to HR Stats. She has imparted a lot expertise to me. I might also like to thank my other managers, Mr. Paul Matthew, Mister. Aniruddha Guha and my own other colleagues for assisting me in times of need, helping me through every stage and indicating changes when required.

I was extremely thankful for my information, Dr . Deepthi Shanker, whose guidance and cooperation allowed me to successfully complete the project. A very special mention to Mr. Anand Srinivasan that has made him self available at any hour of the day to help me personally with duties I was unfamiliar with.

Executive Summary

The main purpose of the Summer Internship Task is to offer Business institution students quality exposure to the corporate set up. It gives them an opportunity to apply all the theoretical expertise accumulated within the first yr and apply them to functional situations at work. It is also beneficial for the students as it helps them gather insight into how a genuine organization performs and conducts its everyday processes.

With this in mind, I had my Summer Internship Task at KPMG Bangalore coming from 30th Apr 2018 to 30th Summer 2018.

KPMG can be described as Tax, Auditing and Prediction Services company that at the moment operates in over 155 countries in the world and has more than 174000 professional working associates across the globe. I was recruited in the DART (Data Analytics and Reporting Techniques) Team with the IT Exhortatory Department.

Currently, HOURS Analytics may be the future of HR. Most companies want into it like a scope pertaining to better inner operations and individuals Management Expertise. As of now, KPMG has an interior HR Analytics Portal intended for monitoring employees, their overall performance and needs. The portal is called ‘ReConnect’. Even though the usage of this portal provides improved the overall HR operations of KPMG, now KPMG wishes to expand it is horizons and supply HR Analytics services to other companies. They have a team of fantastic professionals building the website, understanding the needs of other companies, tracking the developments of competitors and innovating their own technology every day.

My work involved my undertaking research on HR Stats development worldwide, the future of HUMAN RESOURCES, and comprehending the importance of HUMAN RESOURCES in all firms, big or small.

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